Rapid Systems Development and Integration (RSDI) Inc. is a a world-leading provider of highly customized and bespoke technology consulting services for our clients. With clients spanning the globe that include several Fortune 500 companies, we are provide the innovative support through which we develop complete integrated services and solutions for our clients that meet their current and future needs.

About RSDI

RSDI is a values-led company. At the heart of everything we do is the belief that giving our people responsibility, so they can put their ideas into practice can make a real difference. This approach has made us one of the world’s leading service companies paving the way to fulfill our mission to be the world’s greatest. Our service ethos builds strong, long-term relationships, brings our customers back time and time again so we can meet their changing needs.

RSDI’s focuses on a broad range of information, communications, intelligence, electronic warfare, simulation, training, and instrumentation systems.

RSDI is dedicated to a full range of expert resources in engineering, integration, testing, support, and research and development activities to support both commercial and defense operational environments.

  • Products and services related to complex electronic systems;
  • Custom hardware/software development
  • Engineering services that span analysis, design, and development through integration, installation, and support.

At the core of RSDI’s capabilities is a seasoned team of highly skilled engineers, programmers and technicians with with multi-disciplinary backgrounds. Our team of professionals is challenged on a daily basis to provide leading edge technology solutions to our customers. Their knowledge and expertise in rapidly and proficiently matching advances in technology to customer needs and applications is the basis for RSDI’s success.

We manage crucial business processes for both public and private sector organizations through information innovation solutions, freeing them to focus on their core operations and competencies, while delivering tangible benefits to their customers.

Our customers are national and local governments and leading companies. By focusing on the needs of the people they serve, we enable our customers to deliver better outcomes to the vital areas of public life, achieving the best end-user experience.  

We build long lasting relationships with our customers by giving them confidence through consistent delivery, anticipating and adapting to change and understanding what they want to achieve across their organizations. Our customers value our collaborative approach to problem solving

They value our fresh thinking and the collaborative and imaginative way we work. We also look for opportunities to leverage our scale to our customers’ advantage.

In today’s climate of competitive, fast-paced technological change, complex global conditions demands the delivery of products and services that meet an ever increasing standard of quality.  Our expert  skills and technology service solutions give RSDI balanced diversity that  enables us to successfully meet the challenging demands of our customers.