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Penetration testing is the first step towards enterprise security. RSDI offers a comprehensive penetration testing package that begins with safe and controlled testing procedures that emulate (not just simulate) covert and hostile attacks,  and culminates in specific guidance and recommendations for reducing risk and increasing compliance as its output.

Identify and remove real-world threats that your information systems are exposed to through Impact-Oriented Penetration Testing (IOPTS).

Penetration tests are not created equal — get the one that’s tailored made for your business needs and bespoken to your environment by one of the strongest red-teams on the planet. 

Step 1: Getting to know you

RSDI offers highly customized and bespoke penetration testing, before we begin we like to understand your business goals and needs to see if our penetration testing services are a good fit for it. If we are we will proceed to create a custom solution for you. In case that we are not the right vendor for you we will not waste your time and let you know right away.

Step 2: Create a roadmap

Once we have agreed to engage, we will create a pen-testing roadmap that meets the business goals.

This includes the test-map and establishing the of rules of engagement.

Step 3: Test Phase

We will commence the penetration testing. The engagement owner on your side will be kept informed every step of the way.

Step 4: Report

We create a report that includes our findings, identifies risks, and provides suggestive measures to either eliminate or mitigate the risk.

Step 5: Training and Knowledge transfer.

We work with you to ensure that you understand the results and have the knowledge needed to take any actions that you may need to take to address discovered issues.